Cell longevity
anti-aging all in one

BELCLINIC's "INFINIT" product line is the exaltation of beauty and quality, created for those people who want the best.

After years of research, we have developed an excellent range of products that include active ingredients capable of stimulating the internal and external production of essential components for skin care, in addition to protecting it from external aggressions. Our harmonious formula combines ingredients to combat cellular longevity, DNA repairers, cellular oxygenants, among others, to obtain incredible results on mature and/or aging skin.

Infinit Hyper Serum 13x is Belclinic's most advanced and concentrated serum. Its texture is fluid and easily absorbed.

13 powerful scientifically supported active ingredients that act by combating the signs of aging, stimulating the natural life expectancy of healthy skin cells and protecting it from external aggressions.

Get revitalized, hydrated, nourished and visibly smoother skin with a radiant appearance.


Infinit Skin Cream is BELCLINIC's most advanced anti-aging cream with a light texture and easy absorption for mature skin. Thanks to its powerful combination of clinically proven active ingredients, it combats the signs of aging in a global way.

13x visible results with multiple immediate benefits, firmer and nourished skin, correction of expression lines, attenuates unsightly spots that appear on our skin while protecting the appearance of new ones. Its refill effect components visibly reduce the most pronounced wrinkles.